It all started here..!


The Internet in everyday life and the evolution of web 2.0 from dot-com boom made us curious and think in the lines of user interaction and content contribution.

In 2010, iteration on business plan started with web site services under the name bluechipnetlabs. After two years of learning and discovery process in identifying a scalable and repeatable business model in web 2.0, it all started then.

Story of Kepran INFOSOFT

In 2012, web development services at Bluechipnetlabs were dissolved and kepran INFOSOFT Pvt. Ltd. was established in association with OSS Technologies Private Limited (OSS) one of the largest IT Service Providers in India, with a track record of successful engagements over the past 15 years providing solutions to help companies build, secure, and manage their complex Information Technology infrastructures.

Kepran INFOSOFT Pvt. Ltd. was started in Bangalore, INDIA. With expertise on Web 2.0 and Web Based Business Management solutions.


Days gone by, its 2014 now


Kepran INFOSOFT Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in web development, based out of Bangalore and having operations at Mumbai and Canada. At kepran, we have provided our web development services to more than 80+ customers and nurtured our skills in web application development and website services. We also extend our expertise and experience in web based business solutions and other web services like E-Commerce, Web Portal, Dynamic Website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Kepran is instrumental in GPS based web application development of OSS GPS Tracking Solutions (OGTS), a customer centric and high utility solution of OSS Technologies Private Limited (OSS), is one such service to help individuals and companies, simplify tracking which can give safety and high productivity.