The importance of Enhydra tools

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• The Application Wizard serves to generate an initial source tree for the development, including make files, While this could be done manually, it can definitely save time during the start-up phase of a project in web application development.

• The Extensible Markup Language Compiler XMLC is the tool that allows the clean separation of the user interface and the application logic. It is used to compile an HTML page into a Java class containing the whole page as a hierarchy following the W3C’s Document Object Model (DOM). The obtained Java class can then be programmatically modified by replacing nodes or attributes with dynamic content.

This method has the following advantage: A designer can independently create a Web page with design tool of choice. Then, the programmer compiles the HTML page and accesses the desired contents via attribute.
• The Data Objects Design Studio is a tool to model the data tables of an application with a graphical user interface. It is capable of generating both SQL scripts and Java code.

• The Kelp tools are a set of utility programs that allow the configuration of Enhydra projects to work within IDE’s such as Borland’s JBuilder or Oracle’s JDeveloper.

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